Graduate Students

Degree Sought Advisor

Rob Allgood  M.S.  Grand Analysis of the Relative Utility of Select State-Owned Lands in the State of Alabama for the Conservation of Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Philip Damm*  M.S.  Grand Using automated cameras to estimate wildlife populations

Alan Hitch  Ph.D.   Grand Modeling Habitat Relationships and Productivity in Avian Communities in the Cumberland Plateau, AL

Carrie Johnson*  M.S.  Grand The Relationships Between Wildlife Openings and Avian Use and Abundance in the East Gulf Coastal Plain of Alabama

Kathryn Kennedy Ph.D. Irwin

John Knight  M.S.  Irwin

Eva Kristofik  M.S.  Grand Distribution of Bats and Their Habitat Selection Based on Land-Cover Types and Landscape Characteristics in Alabama

Allison Moody  Ph.D.  Grand Designing Landscapes For Sustainable Bird Populations In The Southeastern United States

Molly Moore*  M.S.  Irwin

Taconya Piper  Ph.D.  Irwin

Amy Silvano M.S. Grand Using structured decision making to compare management alternatives for J. D. Martin Skyline Wildlife Management Area
* Graduated