Urban Entomology Lab

Urban Entomology Lab

Urban Entomology Lab (2011) - Left to Right: 1st row: Jordan Yuan, Edward Snoddy, Juliana Xu, Znar Barwary; 2nd row: Charles Stephen, Hao Wu, Marla Eva, Zachary Devries, Arthur Appel, Charles Ray, Xing Ping Hu

Lab Crew 2012

Urban Entomology Lab (2012)

Urban Entomology Lab 2013

Urban Entomology Lab (2013 March) - Left to Right: Hao Wu (M.S.), Znar Barwary (Ph.D.), Dr. Michael Potter (invited seminar speaker, University of Kentucky), Julian Golec (M.S.), Zeng Yuan (Ph.D.), David Pugh (D.V.M, M.Ag.), Xing Ping Hu

Lab 2014

Urban Entomology Lab (2014 April): X.P. Hu, Leona Yang (Ph.D), Yuang Zeng (Ph.D), Julian Golec (M.S.), and JianJun Guo (Visiting Scientist)

The research of urban entomology Lab focuses on the Development and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management of arthropod pests in urban ecosystem. We are especially interested in behavior, physiology, ecology, biology, and immunology of household and structure insect pests and invasive pests.

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