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Entomology & Plant Pathology at Auburn University enjoys a rich tradition in teaching, research and outreach activities as a land grant institution in Alabama. From the hiring of its first entomologist in 1896 and its first plant pathologist in 1903, the entomology & plant pathology program at AU has grown to its present faculty of entomologists with teaching, research and/or extension responsibilities. Auburn University is an integral part of the Auburn community, a college town situated in east-central Alabama.

As a part of the College of Agriculture, the Entomology & Plant Pathology Department offers a broad range of both basic and applied courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, providing a sound background for students considering careers in entomology, plant pathology, and related areas. The curriculum is complemented by a diversity of courses in agricultural and biological sciences offered through departments in the University.

Last Updated: February 03, 2012

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