Auburn University
Auburn University

American Beekeeping Federation
Careers in Entomology
Caterpillars of Eastern Forests (Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
Colorado State University, Entomology
Department of Entomology Texas A&M University
ELIN (entomology libraries information network)
Entomology at Clemson University
Entomology Directory
Entomology Journals
Entomology & Pest Management Resources (Penn State)
Entomology Program Listing
Entomology at Virginia Tech
Entomology Society of America
Entomology Web Links
Flower Pollinators- All about bees and beekeeiping
Forest Health Protection - Southern Region
Giant Silkmoths of North Eastern North America
Gordon's Wonderful World of Insects
Honey Bee Information
Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Ohio State University Bees and Polination
Planet Ant
Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook, University of Minnesota
Research Institutes & University Departments (Insecta)
Science On Line
School IMP- Integrated pest Management in School
The Beekeeper's Homepages
The Dead Bug in Amber Club
The Insect & Spider Collections of the World
The Tree of Life
University of California Davis Department of Entomology
Worldwide Butterflies
Young Entomologists' Society, Inc.
XXI International Congress of Entomology

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