13th Revision 


Copyright 2010 by Lee I. Chiba

All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to photocopy this handbook for personal use

with an appropriate acknowledgement of the author.


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Production Systems

Section 3: Farrowing House Management

Section 4: Baby Pigs (Birth to Weaning)

Section 5: Weaning

Section 6: Baby Pig Management (After Weaning)

Section 7: Feeder Pig Management

Section 8: Grower-Finisher Pig Management

Section 9: Breeding and Genetics

Section 10: Replacement Boar and Gilt Management

Section 11: Reproductive Management

Section 12: Gestating Female Management

Section 13: General Nutrition

Section 14: General Housing

Section 15: Waste Management

Section 16: Production Scheduling

Section 17: Futures Market

Section 18: Other Information