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Campus-wide, AU has 300-plus student organizations, 21 of which are in the College of Agriculture.   Participating in these groups can help you develop leadership skills, get to know faculty and fellow students and make valuable contacts with alumni groups.

Listed here are the 21 College of Agriculture student organizations, what they do and contact information for advisors, who can give you more information about the club, including meeting dates and times.

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow
Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow is an organization for Agricultural Communications majors and others interested in the communications field. Five times a year, members produce a newsletter—Ag Combine—for the college's student body.

Advisors: Leigh Hinton E-mail

Agriculture Student Council
The Ag Council was developed to maintain a functional body for coordinating and promoting the advancement of agricultural organizations at Auburn University.
The council hosts several annual Ag Hill events, such as the Ag Hill Picnic and the Ag Hill Blood Drive.  It also host many career and professional developments events for College of Agriculture Students. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Megan Ross E-mail
President: Ashley Culpepper E-mail

Ag Ambassadors
Ag Ambassadors is a select group of agricultural students dedicated to enhancing the image of the College of Agriculture and Auburn University. They serve as official representatives of the College, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and the Ag Alumni Association.  Activities include recruiting quality high school and junior college students for the College. Applications are mailed to qualifying students in the spring of each year, and membership is based on an application/interview process.

Advisor: Dr. Paul Patterson E-mail, Megan Ross E-mail, Amanda Martin E-mail
President: Kira Chaloupka E-mail
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Ag Committee of Nineteen
The College of Agriculture's Committee of 19 is a subcommittee of the campus wide Committee of 19. The number nineteen symbolizes the nineteen cents it takes to feed a child in a third-world country for an entire day. The campus wide committee consists of a representative from each college on campus as well as many other organizations. The main focus of the Committee of 19 is raising awareness about the War On Hunger around the world today. During the year, the committee sponsors numerous activities to raise awareness and funds to support the War on Hunger. Some events include: Hunger Week, Stop Hunger Now Truck, Sunbelt convention, and the annual Summit conference.  

President: Madelyn Parsons E-mail

Agronomy Club
The Agronomy Club is a student division of the American Society of Agronomy and participates in numerous events sponsored by that organization, including regional and national meetings. Other activities include sponsoring the soil judging team, sweet corn and sod sales and organizing the “Teacher of the Year” award for the Agronomy and Soils department. Anyone with an interest in agronomy is invited to attend.

Advisor: David Weaver E-mail and Beth Guertal E-mail
President: Jordan Toombs E-mail

Alpha Zeta
Alpha Zeta is the honor fraternity of the College of Agriculture and is open to men and women enrolled in agricultural curriculums at Auburn University who are in the academic upper 20 percent of their major. Alpha Zeta sponsors many service projects such as community garden plots that are available to students, faculty and local residents.

Advisor: Stephen Schmidt E-mail

American Fisheries Society
The Auburn Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is open to any student interested in fisheries or aquacultures. The club participates in Adopt-A-Stream and Adopt-A-Mile programs and presents wildlife conservation programs at local elementary schools.

Advisor: Allen Davis E-mail
President: Chris McKee E-mail

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)
Biosystems Engineering students are active in the student branch of ASABE, the society for engineering in agricultural, food, forest and biological systems. They participate in many activities on and off campus. These include competing in the international quarter-scale tractor design competition and participating in regional and international ASABE meetings.

Advisor: John Fulton E-mail
President: Simerjeet Virk E-mail

Auburn Young Farmers
The Auburn Young Farmers organization seeks to develop leadership training and experience; expand varied interests of young, rural Alabamians; create awareness of the problems that face today's young farmers; promote better understanding of agribusiness; broaden the understanding about the organization, operation and policies of the Alabama Farmers Federation; and give Alabama's young farmers the opportunity to have a vital voice in Alabama and its government. In addition to regular meetings, activities include Youth Leadership Camps, charity drives, Ag Hill and campus activities and other events.

Advisor: Don Mulvaney E-mail
President: Austin White E-mail

Block & Bridle Club
The Auburn University Block & Bridle Club is a non-profit, special-interest club based in the Animal Sciences department. The club's focus is animal agriculture and it participated in several annual events include attending the B&B National Convention, Little International Livestock Show and Ag Olympics.

Advisor: Dale Coleman E-mail, Boyd Brady E-mail, Lisa Kriese-Anderson E-mail
President: Kayla Blake E-mail
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Collegiate FFA
Following the principles of the national FFA organization, the Auburn chapter strives to create interest in agriculture and agricultural education. Collegiate FFA sponsors a variety of recreational and educational activities for students. The club also participates in service-oriented projects with high school students throughout the state, such as steer shows and agribusiness endeavors.

Advisor: Brian Parr E-mail
President: Jeremy Knox E-mail
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Food Science Club
Food Science is an exciting multidisciplinary scientific field where concepts of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, engineering, and nutrition are utilized to develop and produce foods which are safe, palatable, healthy, and economical. This club is open to students wanting to learn more about the opportunities in the Food Science sector.

Advisor: Leonard Bell E-mail
President: Beth Westmoreland E-mail

F.S. Arant Entomology Club
The F.S. Arant Entomology Club provides an opportunity for persons interested in insects and other arthropods to interact with one another.  We listen to various presentations on arthropod related research or watch films with insect themes.  We put on a fall bonfire and spring soiree every year.  We are also involved in educating the community about bugs. 

Auburn University Horseman's Club
This club is open to all students who have an interest in horses or related activities. , Members learn about horses and meet people with similar interests. Owning a horse is not required.

Advisors: Betsy Wagner E-mail
President: Emily Faust E-mail

Collegiate Cattlemen and Cattlewomen
This club is open to any undergraduate or graduate student with any interest in meat products or cooking and preparing meat. The purpose of the club is to promote knowledge, activities and comradery among students interested in Meat Science and Muscle Biology. Activities of this association acquaint students with meat scientists in the industry and provide students with the opportunity to become successful in the work field.

Advisor: Christy Bratcher E-mail
President: Carla Weissend E-mail

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)
MANRRS provides a framework for the academic, professional and social development of minority students within the fields of agriculture and related areas. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students and to current employees.

Advisor: Brenda Allen E-mail
President: Derriss Burnett E-mail

National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)
NAMA established its Auburn chapter in 1992 to represent students interested in careers in agriculture and agribusiness. The purposes of the chapter are to help students develop skills in leadership, marketing and communications, and to connect them with career contacts through professional programs, field trips, industry speakers and other special projects. Since the emphasis of the club is on career development, membership in NAMA is open to all students in all majors.

Advisor: Bob Nelson E-mail
President: Travis Varner
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Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)
PLANET provides students with professional opportunities in landscape horticulture. Meetings frequently include speakers from industry and each spring members travel to the national PLANET Student Career Days competition where they compete in events relating to all areas of the landscape horticulture industry. In addition to the competitive events, students also make industry contacts for internships and job opportunities.

Advisor: Joe Eakes E-mail
President: Matthew Griffith E-mail

Poultry Science Club

The Poultry Science Club exposes students to the poultry industry and strengthens their relationships with departmental faculty. Club activities include sales of smoked birds, incubating chicks for local elementary schools and sponsorship of the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Girls Ranch. The club also helps recruit qualified students into the College of Agriculture. Membership is open to anyone interested in any part of the poultry industry.

Advisor: Codi Plaster E-mail and Dr. Bill Dozier E-mail
President: Maggie Lawson E-mail

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA)
PVMA includes pre-veterinary students with a common interest in veterinary medicine and love of animals. Its purpose is to stimulate student interest in veterinary medicine; familiarize students with the expectations associated with pre-veterinary and veterinary education and the veterinary profession; and build strong friendships among pre-vet students. Club activities include panel discussions with current vet students and dinner outings. PVMA is open to students in all majors and colleges at Auburn.

Advisor: Terry Brandebourg E-mail
President: Brittany Mack E-mail
Web site

Sigma Alpha- Beta Eta Chapter
Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among its members. The sorority was found in 1978 at Ohio State University by five women who wanted an alternative to the social Greek sorority system. We support Ag in the Classroom as our national service project. You will find Sigma Alpha members standing out as leaders on their campuses and in the workforce. We are dedicated to the motto: Women Excelling in Agriculture.

Advisor: Suzanne Shaw E-mail
President: Abigail Dennis E-mail


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