Soil, Water, and Environmental Science
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The Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES) program is a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary graduate and certificate program offered via distance education. The collaborating universities for the Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES) graduate degree and certificate include:

Auburn University
University of Georgia
North Caroline State University
Texas Tech University

The graduate degree program (36 credit hours) is comprised of required core courses (15 hours) in biology, chemistry, physics, hydrology, and pedology, and electives (21 hours) in experimental methods, resource management, technology, analytics, geostatistics, conservation, and plant science that provide flexibility to tailor the degree program to meet individual interest and career needs. In addition, students will complete a thesis or special topic, and give a seminar, giving them the knowledge, skills and professionalism to succeed in this growing field.

The graduate certificate (15 hours) will be comprised of selected courses in SWES that meet student needs and interests, but is not currently available.

The graduate degree and certificate programs create a unique opportunity for industry personnel, extension educators, and other professionals to enhance their professional skills and expertise essential to protecting the quality of our natural resources while sustaining economic opportunities. The program builds human capacity and knowledge in agriculture and the environment needed to sustaining healthy communities and the nation.

List of Courses (AGRN = Agronomy and Soils; BSEN = Biosystems Engineering)

Soil, Water & Environmental Science - Core Courses

AGRN 6066 Soil Microbiology
AGRN 6306 Soil Chemistry
AGRN 7136 Soil Morph., Genesis, Classification
AGRN 7276 Soil Microbiology
AGRN 7316 Environmental Soil Chemistry
AGRN 7956 Seminar
BSEN 7516 Intro to Land & Water Engineering
BSEN 7526 Intro to Fluvial Geomorphology

Soil, Water & Environmental Science - Elective Courses

AGRN 6026 Nutrient Management
AGRN 6086 Soil Resources & Conservation
AGRN 6406 Bioenergy & Environment
AGRN 7016 Environmental Soil Science
AGRN 7076 Soil Erosion & Conservation
AGRN 7086 Experimental Methods
AGRN 7216 Inter. Agronomic Development
AGRN 7226 Soils & Crops in Arid Lands
AGRN 7286 Applied Geostatistics
AGRN 7326 Wetland Soils
BSEN 7016 Quantitative Agric. Remote Sensing
BSEN 7026 Precision Agriculture Technology
BSEN 7116 Instrumentation for Hydrologic Appl.
BSEN 7136 GIS Applications in Prec. Agriculture
BSEN 7216 Biomass to Renewable Energy Proc.
BSEN 7366 Integrating AutoCAD Civil3D & GIS
BSEN 7376 Watershed Monitoring & Assessment
BSEN 7616 Agricultural Waste Management
BSEN 7626 Design of Structural Stormwater BMPs
BSEN 7636 Stream Channel Assessment & Restoration
BSEN 7646 Open Channel Hydraulics for Natural Systems
BSEN 7656 Ecohydraulics & River Corridor Function
BSEN 7666 Wetlands Engineering

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