The College of Agriculture is committed to world-class research aiming at scientific innovations, discoveries and technology development and applications. We believe that Auburn’s research will serve as an economic engine for Alabama and will enhance the quality of life for the people of Alabama, the nation and the world by providing security, safety and sustainability of food, environment, energy, economic opportunities and public health and wellbeing. Our excellent research programs provide platforms for training the next generation of agricultural leaders and scientists. The college hosts the core faculty of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and is committed to supporting and enhancing Alabama’s agriculture, forestry and related businesses and industries; promoting environmentally and socially responsible development of Alabama’s natural resources; and improving the quality of life of all Alabamians.

Research in the college ranges from plant and animal genetics and breeding, plant and animal health and protection, best agricultural practices, production systems, urban landscaping, nutrition and food safety to water and environmental quality, bioenergy research, natural resource conservation and management and agricultural economics and rural sociology. Excellent research laboratories exist among eight departments in the college, conducting fundamental, translational and applied research. In collaboration with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the college is committed to technology applications, and supporting various agricultural commodity groups and constituents. The College of Agriculture also is home to four of the seven Auburn University Peaks of Excellence: Poultry Products Safety and Quality Peak of Excellence, Fisheries and Aquaculture Peak of Excellence, Detection and Food Safety Peak of Excellence and Cell and Molecular Biosciences Peak of Excellence.

We are committed to fostering a positive research environment that promotes excellence and research competitiveness by promoting collaborations and providing necessary support with seed funding for research projects, equipment and travel related to presentations of research discoveries. The college also provides opportunities for faculty development including mentoring programs for research proposal preparation and development.

Arthur G. Appel
Professor of Entomology and Plant Pathology
Interim Associate Dean for Research

Last Updated: Nov. 21, 2011

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