Joseph Hess

Joseph B. (Joe) Hess

Professor and Extension Scientist

302-C Poultry Science Building
Phone: 334-844-2611
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Joseph B. (Joe) Hess is a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is presently an Extension Specialist and Associate Professor in the Poultry Science Department. His research focuses on practical aspects of management and nutrition in broilers and broiler breeders and he engages in practical research projects that can provide immediate feedback to the industry in terms of poultry performance, product quality or feed technology. He is a member of the Poultry Science Association, the Southern Poultry Science Society, the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association, and works closely with the Alabama Feed & Grain Association.


1989 Ph.D., Layer Mineral Nutrition and Eggshell Quality, University of Georgia
1986 M.S., Layer Mineral Nutrition and Eggshell Quality, University of Georgia
1980 B.S., Poultry Science, Pennsylvania State University


Extension programs involve nutritional and management manipulations to improve broiler production, product quality and yield. In addition, management and feeding of broiler breeders for optimum productivity is an area of emphasis. Feed ingredient quality, feed quality control and feed milling technology are additional areas of emphasis.

Selected Scientific Publications:

  • Hess, J.B., S.F. Bilgili, A.M. Parson, and K.M. Downs, 2001. Influence of complexed zinc products on live performance and carcass grade of broilers. J. Appl. Animal Res. 19:49-60.
  • Hudson, B.P., R.J. Lien and J.B. Hess, 2001. Effects of body weight uniformity and prepeak feeding programs on broiler breeder hen performance. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 10:24-32.
  • Downs, K.M., J.B. Hess, K.S. Macklin and R.A. Norton, 2000. Dietary zinc complexes and vitamin E for reducing cellulitis incidence in broilers. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 9:319-323.
  • Downs, K.M., J.B. Hess,and S.F. Bilgili, 2000. Selenium source effect on broiler carcass characteristics, meat quality and drip loss. J. Appl. Animal Res. 18:61-72.
  • Hudson, B.P., R.J. Lien, and J.B. Hess,2000. Effects of early protien intake on development and subsequent egg production of broiler breeder hens. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 9:324-333.
  • Macklin, K.S., R.A. Norton, J. B. Hess,and S.F. Bilgili, 2000. The effect of vitamin E on cellulitis in broiler chickens experiencing scratches in a challenge model. Avian Diseases 44:701-705.
  • Hess, J.B., E.T. Moran, P.L. Mask, R.A. Shelby, A.F. Giesen and N.M. Dale, 1999. Nutrient density and mycotoxin contamination in corn screening of different bushell weights. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 8:288-291.
  • Bilgili, S.F., G.I. Montenegro, J.B. Hess and M.K. Eckman, 1999. Sand as a litter for rearing broiler chickens. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 8:345-351.
  • Bilgili, S.G., G.I. Montenegro, J.B. Hess, and M.K. Eckman, 1999. Live performance, carcass quality, and deboning yields of broilers reared on sand as a litter source. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 8:352-361.

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