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Patricia A. (Pat) Curtis is a native Texan and received her Ph.D. at Texas A&M. She comes to Auburn from North Carolina State University (NCSU). Since coming to Auburn, Pat has received the Poultry Science Association's Poultry Products Research Award and the Helene Cecil Leadership award for her scientific contributions in the field of poultry science and for her leadership role in the promotional and developmental opportunities for women in the area of poultry science. Her primary responsiblities while at NCSU were to work with the poultry and egg industries. While at NCSU, Pat received the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Leadership Award. Prior to coming to NCSU she taught at the University of Wisconsin--River Falls. She is a Professor and the Director of the Food Systems Initiative. Pat has focused her research on quality and safety attributes of poultry and egg products.


1985 Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, Texas A&M
1982 M.S., Food Science and Technology, Texas A&M
1979 B.S., Home Economics Education, Texas Woman's University


Areas of interest include applied types of research on poultry and egg products relating to microbial safety, processing technology, functionality of egg products, quality control, waste water and water reuse. Other areas of interest include food laws and regulations, plant/employee safety and consumer perceptions related to food safety and acceptance of new technologies.

Teaching / Instruction:

Extension / Outreach:

Extension interests include education programs relating to needs in food quality, food safety, and process development as well as efficiency in poultry and egg processing and product technology. Work is primarily with the poultry industry, commodity organizations and when appropriate, with county extension agents.


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Selected Scientific Publications:

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