International Agreements

The College of Agriculture has for most of its history had a long LIST OF INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS with institutions across the globe. The University and College recognizes the value these exchanges have in strengthening the teaching, research, and extension capabilities of the institutions involved, broadening the international experience of the participants, and fostering goodwill between the College and the international community. Auburn enters into agreements with institutions throughout the world on the initiative of faculty members and academic administrators alike.

Contact OIA for guidance on signatures and format of this broad statement of mutual commitment between institutions. We can provide Spanish and other language versions of the document in side-by-side format.

The Office of International Agriculture maintains the official records of all College of Agriculture international exchange agreements. Those seeking to initiate an international alliance should first consult the online database of International Agreements to see if there already is an agreement with the overseas partner. Signed agreements are filed by the Office of International Agriculture who will forward a copy to the AU-Office of International Programs.

It is also possible to organize an agreement at the level of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station. This institution encompasses five colleges of Auburn University. The approval process is somewhat simpler than that for a University-level agreeement.

In general, agreements involving individual departments or multiple departments within the College of Agriculture are organized between then international institution and the College, signed by the Dean, signed by relevant department heads, and recorded by the College, while informing the Auburn University Office of International Programs.

Agreements involving multiple Colleges of the University and those organized at the University level, are managed by the Auburn University Office of International Programs. Such agreements must be discussed with the Director of the Office of International Programs in advance of document development and signing by international partners.

College of Agriculture Agreements should be discussed in advance with the Office of International Agriculture. As matter of course, the protocol for agreements is the international parties sign first (they are provided at least three copies). The agreements are returned to Auburn for signing by the Dean and other parties to the agreement.

If the Agreement is to be signed by the Dean or others as part of a signing ceremony, please review the document and the process with the Office of International Agriculture in advance of the signing.

A recent Memorandum of Agreement is available as a model. AU International Agreement. The signed document indicates an interest on the part of both parties to engage in a broad range of future activities such as research and faculty exchanges and study abroad programs. Such agreements signify a broad commitment to cooperate but make not obligations with respect to finance or program. All student exchange agreements, for example, have to be university agreements for SACS

Agreements are active for five years and may be renewed mutual agreement of the parties. Download the MS Word Document from the AU-OIE site linked above and modify the nomenclature for the institution you are working with. Current College of Agriculture agreements and AU contact personnel are listed here.

A Memorandum of Agreement recognizes a relationship and constitutes a commitment to cooperation. When commitments of funds, time, or other tangible resources are to be made, a separate Memorandum of Agreement is to be developed and signed by the Dean and other administrators managing the resources that will be required on both sides of the relationship.

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