The Office of International Agriculture was established as a means for fostering and supporting Sponsored International Programs, largely those underwritten by the Agency for International Development and other federal agencies. Subsequently, OIA worked with faculty in extension and research to organize study tours for Alumni, extension staff and agricultural producers. Increasingly, faculty and departments are leading student groups to international destinations for study tours and Study Abroad.

Currently, the OIA has the following main functions in the College of Agriculture and related units of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station.

Summary of Functions and Services

1. OIA provides guidance where requested about Requests for International Travel (RAT50).

2. OIA facilitates faculty-led and student-initiated Study Abroad activities. Study tours, service learning, study abroad, and international are four pillars of the globalization process for our students. We have experience and contacts in many countries that can assist faculty initiatives. OIA should be involved in the formulation of financial arrangements with partner institutions. Establishing accounts, paying bills and receiving money are handled by departmental personnel. Exchange rate fluctuations and other vagaries of international business often emerge in what initially seem as straightforward transactions. The AU Office of International Programs AU Abroad system is the central mechanism for managing study abroad and awarding credit. OIA helps faculty navigate the process.

3. International Visitor arrangements are supported and coordinated through OIA. OIA helps your department administers the bench fees, travel expenses,or other funds that may be associated with the visitor's sponsorship. OIA facilitates the DS2019 form and other arrangements that hosting faculty must make for their visiting colleagues. Nonetheless the sponsoring faculty member bears primary responsible for receiving and supporting the visitor. OIA provides information about housing and settlement strategies for longer-term visitors.

4. OIA provides international travel awards. Faculty can request $500 grants for international travel to professional meetings from OIA funds. The York International Scholarship Program supports faculty and graduate student research and experience in less developed countries through twice-annual proposal processes. OIA convenes review committees to receive and rate proposals and to review award decisions. The Stallworth, Torbert, Orr  and other donor accounts provide a very limited amount of support for undergraduate travel. The York International Scholars Program support travel and activitiy in less developed countries by graduate students and faculty.

5. OIA fosters and supports the development of 3+2 programs and other mutually advantageous arrangements with universities in China and other countries. These programs bring top students to Auburn to complete the Chinese university fourth year of study, while addessing the first year of graduate student at Auburn.

6. OIA supports visiting delegations. The office supports the reception of visitors, access to the Dean and other AU offices. OIA can host a meal for the visitors and a small group of faculty.

7. OIA builds teams in response to extramural funding proposals. USAID and other funding opportunities often require multi-disciplinary collaboration. OIA convenes and guides such teams through proposal development, budget preparation, and submission.

8. OIA recruits faculty to serve as Mentors for international Fellow and training programs (Cochran, Borlaug, and others).  USDA and other agencies support visiting scientists and training programs. OIA seeks to coalesce faculty interest in such programs and supports document development and proposal submission. OIA support the submission of proposals, budgets, and settlement arrangements that allow faculty to focus on substantive collaboration with the Visiting Scientists.

9. OIA provides liaison to the Auburn University Office of International Programs.  This office provide leadership and relevant administrative support to academic units and faculty across Auburn programs and activities; to faculty and students interested in having an international education experience; and promotes international understanding and cooperation. OIA guides and facilitates access to the immigration, Studio Abroad and program planning services offered by OIP.

Last Updated : September 05, 2014

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