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We have constructed these pages with many people in mind. Topics will range from issues that concern commercial growers, urban foresters, landscape professionals and home gardeners. New cultivars and old standards will be discussed along with the issues that confront anyone who works with plants: irrigation, fertilization, insect control and many others. Best Management Practices will be addressed. Visit the AWIS site for US forecast maps, climate data, weather forecasting, freeze-frost forecast, and other important information.

Container Fertility powerpoint presentation.

A new feature to our site is the Plant Identification Resource which was compiled by Ken Tilt and Bernice Fischman (with assistance from Hilary Fischman). Text is by Harry Ponder, Dee Smith and Beth Clendenen. Photographs are by Jennifer Cain, Gabe McGinty, Tabor Conwell, Robert Duck, Glenn Fain, Bernice Fischman, Raymond Kessler, Ken Tilt, and others. Funds were provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program.

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