Welcome to the Alabama Certified Professional Landscape website. We are in the initial stages of this program and will be developing this page as we progress. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools you will need to become certified. Eventually we will post a schedule of training sessions and exam dates and sites for your convenience. Below are instructions for gaining access to the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional Study Site.

Link here to our photo gallery that will help you to prepare for your certification exam.


Request Your WebCT Login ID

1. Login to the Internet and go to the following webpage: https://webct.uga.edu/classlst/exceptions.html

2. Complete the on-line form. You will need the following information:

  • UGA Instructor’s MyID: gwade
  • Exception Key: yarrow
  • Social Security Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name (NOTE: You MUST begin your last name with AL to designate you as an Alabama student. For instance, if your last name is Smith, type ALSmith)
  • Password

Your WebCT ID will be provided upon completion of this form (be sure to click Proceed at the bottom of the page).

3. Make a note of your WebCT Login ID and Password. For future reference, you may want to print the page that provides this information. Keep this information in a safe place. Do not share this information with anyone else. You are responsible for access to this course.

4. Follow the instructions below for Step 2: Login to WebCT.

Login to WebCT

1. Open your Internet Browser (ie. Netscape or Internet Explorer). Do not attempt to open WebCT from within an AOL Browser; minimize AOL, then open either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

2. Go to the following website: webct.uga.edu (Don’t type www before this text.) This will open the UGA WebCT Homepage.

3. At the top left of the screen, type in your “UGA myID” (This is the WebCT Login ID you just created) Then type your password and click Submit. Note: Both are case-sensitive; most Login ID’s and passwords are lower-case. This opens your “my WebCT” page. NOTE: The first time you login, you may receive a message about an SSL Security Certificate. If you choose to accept this certificate “forever”, you will not receive this message each time you login to this Study Site.

4. On the left of the screen, select the link for Certified Landscape Professional Test. This opens the Certified Landscape Professional Test Homepage. You are now ready to begin using this Study Site.

5. If you’re not familiar with WebCT, you may want to visit icons 2) About this Site and 3) Using this On-line Course for assistance.

6. If you have trouble logging in, contact Geneva Burton, 334/844-3523, burtogc@auburn.edu

We know that the industry will recognize and appreciate your efforts to become a highly qualified professional.