COMMON NAME: white oak

LEAVES: 7 to 11 finger-like lobes with rounded tips and glabrous (no hair) with a cuneate base. Sometimes glaucous (whitish) underneath. Up to 8" long.

BARK: White and flaky. Very attractive. Definitive white oak bark.

FRUIT: Acorn. Elongated. Narrow acorn up to 1" long. Sweet. Matures in 1 yr. Cap covers approximately 1/4 of acorn.

FLOWERS: Monoecious.

GROWTH RATE: 1.9'/yr. in our shade tree study.

OTHER: Grows tall (60' to 90') and straight. Can live from 500 to 1,000 years. Native on high/dry or intermediate sites. Good red fall color on many trees although there is seedling variation. Has a taproot so it is hard to transplant when over 3 1/2" in caliper. Has a medium growth rate. A member of the Fagaceae family. There are few trees prettier than a mature white oak.