SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinus elliottii

COMMON NAME: slash pine

LEAVES: 2 and 3 needles/fascicle. 8" to 11" long. Straight and flexible. Has a fine textured look. Needles usually extend farther down the twig that on other southern pines. Graceful appearance. Fimbriate (bud scales separated at the top of bud) ciliate buds.

CONES: Reddish brown to 6" long and stalked. Very attractive. Not held on the tree for long periods. Does not stick when squeezed.

BARK: Ridge and furrowed when young. Becomes platelet when older.

OTHER: Grows 80' to 110' tall. Native to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Will grow north to Tennessee as a landscape tree. A good, fast growing tree. Tap rooted, so use container grown stock. Attractive and good landscape pine. Native south Alabama, south Georgia, South Carolina, and south to Miami, Florida. Fast growing. Grows at elevations up to about 500 ft.