SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinus echinata

COMMON NAME: shortleaf pine

LEAVES: 2 (sometimes 3) needles/fascicle. Straight, flexible needles up to 4" long. Fascicles clustered at the tips of branches.

CONES: Up to 3" long and grayish brown. Retained on tree for long periods so trees are consistently filled with cones. Cones stick when squeezed. Stalked.

BARK: Platelet bark. Purple twigs on new growth.

OTHER: Grows 80' to 100' tall. Not a good landscape tree due to its deep taproot, disease problems (littleleaf disease, Phytophthora cinnamoni), and southern pine bark beetle damage. Native all over the southeast. If found on a site, leave the tree if it is in good shape. Branches are sinuate (snake-like). Bark extends out almost to the ends of branches. One of the most common pines in the south. Native from Ohio to north Florida.