SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phlox subulata

COMMON NAME: Moss phlox

FAMILY: Polemoniaceae

TYPE: perennial, evergreen

LEAVES: opposite, linear to subulate, needle-like, up to 1" long, evergreen, ciliate, stiff, crowded on stem to create prickly texture

FLOWER: borne in small terminal cymes or panicles atop short, flowering branches, corolla lobes shallowly notched, 1/2" across, red-purple to violet-purple, pink, white

SEASON OF BLOOM: spring for about 4 weeks

GROWTH HABIT: 3" to 6" tall, prostrate, spreading dense mound to 2' wide

SOIL: well drained soil important, drought tolerant

SUN: full

HARDINESS: zones 2-9

UTILIZATION: edging, walls, ground cover, rock garden

DISEASES: rust (usually not serious)


PROPAGATION: layering or division after flowering, fall cuttings

MAINTENANCE: prune after flowering to encourage reflowering in fall and for compact form