SCIENTIFIC NAME: Perovskia atriplicifolia

COMMON NAME: Russian sage

FAMILY: Lamiaceae

TYPE: perennial

LEAVES: coarsly toothed, gray-green 1" wide and 1 ? to 2 inches long; fragrant when crushed

FLOWER: tubular, light blue flowers, two-lipped, arranged in whorls on long (12" to 15") panicles

SEASON OF BLOOM: late summer for up to 15 weeks

GROWTH HABIT: upright, spreading by rhizome

SOIL: adequate drainage and aeration will enable the plant to survive wet winters

SUN: full sun

HARDINESS: Zones 5-9

UTILIZATION: back of border

DISEASES: foliar diseases can be a problem in high humidity


PROPAGATION: offshoots or stem cuttings

MAINTENANCE: the plant does tend to flop over and lean toward light; late frosts will knock it back; poor color may be evident in very hot summers.