SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hibiscus moscheutos

COMMON NAME: Rose mallow, hibiscus

FAMILY: Malvaceae

TYPE: perennial

LEAVES: alternate to 8" long, lanceolate to broad-ovate, some with 3 or 5 lobes, toothed margins, white pubescent underneath

FLOWER: single, borne in axils, 6" - 12" across; red, white, pink, bicolors


GROWTH HABIT: about 5', multistemmed shrub, native to eastern U.S.

SOIL: tolerant of wet soil

SUN: full sun to part shade

HARDINESS: zones 4-9

UTILIZATION: single specimen, summer screening, wet areas

DISEASES: leaf spot, canker, rust

INSECTS AND RELATED PESTS: major problems with flea beetles, Japanese beetles, white flies, and various caterpillars

PROPAGATION: division in spring or fall, seed

MAINTENANCE: prune to ground in late fall; deadheading may be helpful