SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cyperus alternifolius

COMMON NAME: Dwarf umbrella sedge, umbrella plant

FAMILY: Cyperaceae

TYPE: tropical annual

LEAVES: three sided or round culms topped by leaf-like bracts; grass like leaves grow at the top of a reedy stalk in umbrella shape

FLOWER: green to yellow bracts 12" to 20" long with drooping flowers

GROWTH HABIT: 3' to 5' dense clumps

SOIL: water margin or bog area

SUN: full

HARDINESS: Zone 3 to 8 (summer temperature exceeds 75F)

UTILIZATION: water garden edge, pond edge, bog area


INSECTS AND RELATED PESTS: spider mites when grown indoors

PROPAGATION: stalks bend down to water surface

MAINTENANCE: remove seed heads or it will become invasive