SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caladium X hortulanum

COMMON NAME: Fancy-leafed caladium

FAMILY: Araceae

TYPE: perennial, but treated as a horticultural annual in Zone 8

LEAVES: ovate to lanceolate shape, base is auriculate, cordate or truncate; variously variegated with green, red, rose, pink, or white

FLOWER: not ornamental

GROWTH HABIT: 1' to 2', erect

SOIL: moist, well drained and fertile

SUN: full sun to shade, darker and thicker leaved or lance-leaved cultivars better for full sun, moist soil essential for full sun, color of some cultivars may fade in full sun; color, especially variegation and fullness of plant also reduced in full shade

HARDINESS: zone 10

UTILIZATION: excellent for providing foliage color spring, summer, and fall; mass plantings, containers, single specimen

DISEASES: none serious


PROPAGATION: tubers must be dug in fall to prevent cold damage (soil temperature below 55oF), can cut tubers into pieces with at least two buds (eyes) after 4-5 month dormant period

MAINTENANCE: digging and storage of tubers in fall