SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford'

COMMON NAME: bradford callery pear

FLOWERS: White and before or with the leaves in the spring. Very malodorous.

FRUIT: Very few small (1/4" diameter) pears.

GROWTH RATE: 2.3 ft./yr. in our shade tree study.

LEAVES: Alternate and rounded with crenate margins. Excellent fall color. Up to 4" long.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows 30' to 50' tall in a vase shape.

OTHER: Hardy from zone 5 to 9. A very popular tree even though it has some serious problems. The narrow crotch angles cause the tree to split when the tree is older (around 20 yrs.). Also, even though it is listed by many to be resistant to fireblight, it is not but is the most resistant of the flowering pears cultivars. Other cultivars ('Aristocrat') have larger crotch angles. A member of the Rosaceae family. 'Bradford' is still probably the best all around cultivar of flowering pear. Proper pruning when trees are young might reduce or eliminate the limb breakage problem.

CULTIVARS: 'Aristocrat', 'Autumn Blaze', 'Capital', 'Cleveland Select', 'Fauriei', 'Redspire', 'Whitehouse'.