SCIENTIFIC NAME: Magnolia X soulangeana (M. denudata X M. lilliflora)

COMMON NAME: saucer magnolia, Japanese magnolia, Japanese tulip tree

FLOWERS: Before the leaves in February, 2 weeks after Magnolia stellata. Has a purple and white flower. Tulip shaped and very attractive.

LEAVES: Up to 6" long and obovate. Tapers to the base and is pubescent on young twigs. Much larger than Magnolia stellata.

GROWTH HABIT: Small tree that grows 20' to 30' tall. Can be multi-trunked or single-trunked.

OTHER: Cold hardy from zones 4 to 9. Flowers can get frost damaged easily. Is a very popular tree because of its flowering. Full sun is best and there are many cultivars. A member of the Magnoliaceae family.