SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lagerstroemia indica

COMMON NAME: crapemyrtle (crape myrtle, crape myrtle, crapemyrtle)

FLOWERS: Flowers in white, pink, red, and lavender for 60 to 120 days (depending on cultivar) beginning in mid-June. Has a terminal inflorescence. Up to 8" long. Very showy.

LEAVES: Alternate to sub-opposite. Round and up to 2" long. Veins are yellow and margins are red. Mid-vein sticks out on the bottom of the leaf (appressed). Margin is entire.

GROWTH HABIT: Usually multi-trunked and can grow 6" to 25' tall (depending on cultivar).

OTHER: Hardy to zone 7. Bark exfoliates and is attractive. Is drought tolerant and can be moved easily. Can be severe renewal pruned each year or left as a large shrub to small tree. Must have full sun or powdery mildew will become a problem. Some cultivar examples are: 'Catawba', 'Conestoga', 'Carolina Beauty', 'Cherokee', 'Powhatan', 'William Toovey'. David Byer's of Byer's Nursery in Huntsville, AL has published a fine book on crapemyrtles.