SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hydrangea quercifolia

COMMON NAME: oakleaf hydrangea

FLOWERS: White, 6" to 12" long inflorescence in May for a month.

LEAVES: Opposite, with grey pubescence. Looks like a red oak leaf. Very coarse textured. Serrated lobes. Very good red fall color. 5 - 8" long. Flowers dry brown on the plant and remain a long time.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows 4' to 6' tall and spreads by pips (off shoots) which colonize areas.

BARK: Exfoliating with a cinnamon colored inner bark. Attractive.

OTHER: Bark exfoliates. Likes moist, fertile, well drained soil and sun to heavy shade. I believe plants do best in part shade. A native species that looks good the year round. Two excellent cultivars are 'Harmony ' and 'Snowflake'. Very popular landscape plant.