SCIENTIFIC NAME: Forsythia x intermedia

COMMON NAME: border forsythia

FLOWERS: Yellow, 4 petaled flowers in early March for about 3 weeks before the leaves. Mass of flowers give the plant the appearance of being a yellow ball.

GROWTH HABIT: Cane type growth up to 6' tall.

LEAVES: Opposite, with serrations starting 1/4 of the way up the leaf. Widest below the middle and non-pubescent. Up to 3" long. Light green in color.

OTHER: Young twigs are square. All twigs have grey lenticels. Pith is solid at the nodes and chambered between the nodes. Will do well in most soils and needs full sun for best flowering. Can either severe renewal prune each year after flowering or remove old stems. Is good in mass and bank plantings. Member of the Oleaceae family. Forsythia viridissima has a chambered pith throughout the stem, but is otherwise similar to Forsythia x intermedia. Forsythia suspensa has a hollow pith that is solid at the nodes. There are several cultivars of border forsythia available. Has been used in this country for centuries. There is no better early spring show of yellow flowers than that of forsythias.

CULTIVARS: 'Beatrix Farrand', 'Lynwood Gold' (this is a good one), 'Spectabilis', 'Spring Glory', 'Vitellina'.