SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chionanthus virginicus

COMMON NAME: white fringetree, old man's-beard, grancy gray-beard

FLOWERS: White flowers in early April for about 3 weeks. Dioecious with the male tree having the prettier flowers. Spectacular in flower.

FRUIT: Blue fruit on female tree and some scattered on male tree.

LEAVES: Opposite. Grow 4" to 6" long and taper to the ends. Have a revolute margin and a purple blotch on the petiole.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows up to 20' tall as a small tree.

OTHER: Native to low, moist sites. Used a lot in yards of old homes. Will tolerate dry sites, sun, or shade in the landscape. Has no common insect or disease problems. Has lenticels on the twigs. Easy to transplant. Hardy from zone 3 to 9. Is hard to propagate, but is becoming more available. Excellent tree that is hard to beat and has earned its reputation through the centuries.