SCIENTIFIC NAME: Buddleja davidii (Buddleia davidii)

COMMON NAME: orangeeye butterflybush

FLOWERS: Purple flowers with an orange throat on racemes beginning in May-August.

LEAVES: Opposite and up to 4" long and less than 1/2" wide with small serrations on the margins and grey pubescence underneath. Has an attenuated tip.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows 4' to 8' tall and wide. Grows very quickly with cane type growth.

OTHER: Hardy from zones 5 to 9. Likes full sun to part shade and is drought tolerant. Flowers attract large quantities of butterflies in the summer. Since it flowers on new wood, it can be pruned to the ground each spring. Is used a lot in mass plantings. Full sun is best, but does okay in shade. New twigs are squarish. Needs pruning to keep it looking good. Has been used since the Civil War. A member of the Buddlejaceae family. Lot of this species used at the Dean Day Smith Butterfly House at Calloway Gardens.