COMMON NAME: speckled alder

FLOWERS: Monoecious, reddish brown male flowers in 2" to 4" long catkins. Female flowers are an egg shaped strobile (cone).

FRUIT: Looks like a miniature pine cone. Less than 1@ in length.

LEAVES: Alternate and finely serrate. Veins are straight and appressed above and projecting below. Thin and up to 3" long.

GROWTH HABIT: Coarse shrub or small tree 15' to 25' tall.

OTHER: Hardy from zones 4 to 9. Native to low moist sites. The name comes from the speckled appearance of the stems which are heavily lined with distinct horizontally borne lenticels. Does very well in moist sites. Full sun or part shade is fine. The species Alnus serrulata (tag alder) is very similar to Alnus rugosa. Tag alder is more common up north. Has a smooth, muscular trunk. A member of the Betulaceae family.