SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rhododendron indicum

COMMON NAME: indica azalea or southern indian azalea

FLOWERS: All colors but yellow in mid-spring (midseason bloomer). Colors depend on cultivar. Big flower that is 3" in diameter. Spectacular in flower.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows 6' to 10' tall and wide.

LEAVES: Biggest of all azalea leaves at 3" long and pubescent on both sides. Pointed at both ends.

OTHER: Hardy to zone 8 (Atlanta and Birmingham south) although some cultivars are less hardy. Needs part shade and acid soils that are well drained. Buds set from August to September. Shallow rooted. Many cultivars available. This is the azalea group that made the azalea trail in Mobile, AL famous. When they are in full flower there are no prettier evergreen azaleas.

CULTIVARS: White: 'Mrs. G. G. Gerbing', 'Fielder's White'. Red: 'President Claeys' ('Pres. Clay') 'Pride of Mobile'. Purple: 'George L. Tabor', 'Formosa', 'Elegans'. Pink: 'Judge Solomon'.