SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rhaphiolepis indica (Raphiolepis indica)

COMMON NAME: indian hawthorn

FLOWERS: White, fragrant flowers in April.

GROWTH HABIT: Shrub that grows from 3' to 5' tall.

LEAVES: Are located at the tips of the branches in clusters. Has a short petiole, and may have a purple line around the margin of leaf. Every vein underneath is visible. Leaf snaps when bent. Margins are revolute.

FRUIT: Large purple berry.

OTHER: Needs full sun or will get leaf spot. Will have blue fruit in the fall. Hardy to zone 8 (Atlanta south). Has withstood 0o F. at Auburn, Alabama. Must prune to get tight plant. A member of the Rosaceae family. Many cultivars available such as 'Enchantress, 'Fascination', 'Pink Lady'. Rhaphiolepis umbellata is the larger leaved and larger plant version. Confusion exists over whether many are cultivars of indica or umbellata. Indica is more cold hardy from my experience.