SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pyracantha koidzumii

COMMON NAME: Formosa pyracantha


GROWTH HABIT: Can grow 10' to 15' tall and wide.

LEAVES: Alternate and taper to the base. May have a notch at the tip. Has an entire margin and a short petiole. Obovate in shape and up to 1" long.

FRUIT: Large red fruit. Very showy. One of the best fruiting pyracanthas.

OTHER: Hardy to zone 7b. Has thorns. Can be grown in sun to part shade and is drought tolerant. May become very big if not pruned. Used a lot for espalier. Best red berries of any Pyracantha spp. Gets mealy bugs (looks like a cotton ball on foliage). Many cultivars available such as 'Victory', 'San Jose', 'Santa Cruz', 'Lowdense'.