SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ligustrum japonicum

COMMON NAME: wax-leaf privet, wax-leaf ligustrum, Japanese privet

FLOWERS: White in the spring.

GROWTH HABIT: Up to 15', with a working height of 6' to 12'.

LEAVES: Opposite leaves that are very waxy looking. Indistinct venation and wavy margins that turn under (revolute). Up to 4" long.

OTHER: Hardy to zone 7b. Likes sun or shade and is drought tolerant. Has black fruit. Can be limbed up to a tree form. Does best in full sun. Will grow well in moist soil conditions. Can get white fly, but not as bad as other Ligustrum spp. A member of the Oleaceae family. Xeriscaping and Disney World's wide use of this species has brought it back into wide use.