SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cortaderia selloana

COMMON NAME: pampas grass

FLOWERS: Plume stalk grows up to 6' tall and flowers from July until winter freeze. Some flowers will be pinkish due to seedling variation but most are white.

GROWTH HABIT: Grows in clumps up to 8' tall. Will spread and form big clumps.

LEAVES: Very coarse textured grass that have fine serrations (will give a cut like a paper cut). Up to 2" wide and can be several feet long.

OTHER: Hardy zone 7. Likes full sun and well drained soil. Is very drought tolerant and does well in dry, hot conditions. Does not do well in acid soils (pH should be greater than 6.0). If grown in shade it will not have plumes. In cold weather the plumes will turn brown and fall over. In March, should be cut back to the ground. It will grow back and plume the same year. A member of the Poaceae family.