COMMON NAME: river birch

LEAVES: Alternate. Christmas tree shaped. Doubly serrated and paper thin. Appressed venation with pubescence on veins and petiole. Yellow fall color.

BARK: Grey and exfoliating. Outstanding ornamental feature.

OTHER: Can be standard or multi-trunked and grows 30' to 50' tall in a pyramidal shape. It needs a moist site. It can get bronze birch borer ('Heritage' cultivar is resistant). Is very light sensitive (bends toward light), has fibrous roots, and is fast growing. Native to low, moist sites. Won't tolerate intermediate or dry sites. Very easy to transplant. A member of the Betulaceae family. The cultivar 'Heritage' has a beautiful lighter colored bark and is resistant to bronze birch borer. Definitely a cultivar to use. One of our most popular landscape trees. This is the signature tree of Jim Gibbs owner of Gibbs Landscaping in Atlanta. Jim is one of the best landscape designers and he has over 150 awards to prove it.

CULTIVARS: 'Heritage.'