From: Winn Dunwell (
To: SERA/IEG-27 Members
Re: Numbering sequence for plants being evaluated
Date: June 21, 2001

Message: Please comment on Margaret’s comment on numbering individual plants and the numbering sequence I have listed below.


Below please find the SERA/IEG - 27 plants for evaluation list with numbers. I numbered the daylilies in case any one has collected data it can be entered at our web site.

Margaret said in an e-mail "The numbers look right to me, as I have them recorded. The only other question that has come up in the past is whether each individual plant should receive a number, so that if evaluation data is given for several years, we can track the performance of each plant separately for statistical purposes." We didn’t discuss that at the meeting, so if you would respond with your wishes on that the Plant Evaluation Committee can discuss it and present a proposal relative to that issue for a e-mail vote.

SERA/IEG - 27 Plants for Evaluation

Done - 1994 Rhododendron L. ‘GulfRay’ - A. J. Laiche

Lost - 1996 Cercis canadensis L. ‘Silver Cloud’ - Winston Dunwell

NC96 - 01 Cornus mas L.‘Spring Glow’ - Thomas Ranney

GA97 - 01 Acer oliverianum F.A. Pax subsp. formosanum (Koidzumi) E. Murray - John Ruter

NC98 - 01 Styrax japonica R.J. Siebert & J.G. Zuccarini ‘Emerald Pagoda’ - Thomas Ranney

AL98 - 01 Pittosporum heterophyllum A.R. Franchet - Kenneth Tilt

TN98 - 01 Cephalotazus harringtonia (D. Don) C. Koch (Berry College selection not released) - Willard T. Witte

FL98 - 01 Conradina canescens (J. Torrey & A. Gray) A. Gray - Gary Knox

TX99 - 01 Plumbago auriculata J.B.A.P.M. de Lamarack (Hullabaloo selection not released) - Michael Arnold

TX99 - 02 Turnera ulmifolia L. - Michael Arnold

TX99 - 03 Lonicera x americana (P. Miller) K. Koch ‘Pam’s Pink’ - Michael Arnold

TX99 - 04 Ipomoea carnea N.J. von Jacquin subsp. fistulosa (C.F.P. von Martius ex Choisy) D. Austin - Michael Arnold

NC99 - 01 Illicium mexicana A.C. Smith ‘Aztec Fire’ - Thomas Ranney

DC98 - 01 Lagerstroemia L. ‘Chickasaw’ - Margaret Pooler

DC99 - 01 Lagerstroemia L. ‘Pocomoke - Margaret Pooler

KY99 - 01 Iris L. ‘Churchill Downs’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 02 Iris L. ‘Kentucky Derby’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 03 Hemerocallis L. ’Happy Returns’ (industry standard) - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 04 H. ‘Milano Maraschino’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 05 H. ‘Milano Rocket’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 06 H. ‘Milano Violet Mark’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 07 H. ‘Octavia Cherry Doll’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 08 H. ‘Octavia Exotic Marble’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 09 H. ‘Octavia Glow’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 10 H. ‘Octavia Marble Model’ - Winston Dunwell

KY99 - 11 H. ‘Octavia Orchid’ - Winston Dunwell

TX00 - 01 Bulbine caulescens L. - Michael Arnold

FL00 - 01 Michelia skinneriana - Gary Knox

AR01 - 01 Stachys coccinea Ortega - Jon T. Lindstrom

AR01 - 02 Conradina canescens Torr. & A. Gray ‘SPH’ - Jon T. Lindstrom

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