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Landscape Horticulture provides students with the opportunity to combine the science of horticulture and their creative abilities in creating aesthetically beautiful, inviting, and functional environments. Students learn valuable skills that will provide them with the competitive edge employers are looking for. Landscape horticulturists use the principles of design and the appropriate plant material to create both residential and commerial landscapes. Landscape Horituculture Curriculum

Outdated versions:
2012 Landscape Horticulture Curriculum
2011 Landscape Curriculum
(2010 Old Core) Landscape Horticulture Curriculum


Pre-Landscape Architecture/Landscape Horticulture Landscape Architecture is the art and science of design, planning, and management of the land and the natural and man-made elements upon it. The Pre-Landscape Architecture degree program prepares you to pursue a Master’s of Landscape Architecture degree. The Department of Horticulture works in conjuction with the College of Architecture, Design and Construction for you to further your education and obtain a professional degree in Landscape Architecture. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Pre-Landscape Architecture Cirriculum

Outdated versions:

2012 Pre-MLA Horticulture Curriculum
2011 Pre-Architecture Curriculum
(2010 Old Core)Pre-Landscape Architecture cirriculum

Landscape Architecture Curriculum (year 4/5 curriculum)
College or Architecture - Master of Landscape Architecture Program


Nursery and Greenhouse Science students learn the how to manage container nurseries, field nurseries, and greenhouses for the production of woody and herbaceous perennial ornamentals, annuals, and florist crops. Business and science in horticulture come together as students prepare for many different job opportunities, including greenhouse or nursery manager, retail sales positions, wholesale brokerage, and many more. Nursery and Greenhouse Science Curriculum

Outdated versions:
2012 Nursery and Greenhouse Science Curriculum
2011 Nursery and Greenhouse Curriculum
(2010 Old Core) Nursery and Greenhouse Science Curriculum


Fruit and Vegetable Production is for students interested in production horticulture. There are many opportunities that support fruit production, including cooperative extension, research with private companies and government agencies such as the USDA-ARS, and marketing. Fruit and Vegetable Production Curriculum

Outdated versions:
2012 Fruit and Vegetable Production Curriculum
2011 Fruit and Vegetable Curriculum
(2010 Old Core) Fruit and Vegetable Production Curriculum

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Alabama Community Colleges Transfer Equivalencies for Horticulture

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