Theses and Dissertations

Title: Age and Growth Differentiation between the Sexes of Largemouth Black Bass, Micropterus salmoides

Name: Padfield, James H.

Degree: MS

Chair: Dendy, J.

Resides: SFAA

University: Auburn University

Location: Auburn

Date: 1950

Pages: 63

Keywords: largemouth bass, growth, male, female


A study was conducted by the scale method on 287 largemouth black bass to determine if differential growth between sexes occurs. Results from the growth study indicated that the females grow faster than males: the difference was more pronounced under adverse than under favorable conditions. Bass grew in length faster during the first year than during the second, however, their weight increased more during the second year than during the first. The females lived longer than the males in the two populations studied. The highest ages attained for the total collection of males and females were six and nine years, respectively. This tends to confirm the belief that the majority of old bass are female. Early mortality was not correlated with rapid growth, but in both sexes the individuals that grew most rapidly lived the longest. A new method in the preparation of temporary scale mounts is described.

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