Theses and Dissertations

Title: Home ranges and movements of small stream fishes in Alabama

Name: Barclay, Jr Lee A.

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. John S. Ramsey

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1974

Pages: 100

Keywords: Home Ranges,Movements,Small Stream Fishes,Alabama.


Mark and recapture studies were conducted in Choclafala Creek, Alabama, to determine the home ranges and movement patterns of several species of Upper Coastal Plain stream fishes. Between October 1971 and August 1973, a total of 949 fishes was marked with Fingerling Tags and 1869 were marked with fluorescent pigments. A total of 683 recaptures was recorded. Ictalurus punctatus, Fundulus olivaceus, Lepomis megalotis, and Percina nigrofasciata were found to occupy a home range of approximately 100 linear feet of steam. A home range of approximately 150 linear feet was indicated for Notropis baileyi, Notropis chrysocephalus, Moxostoma erythrurum, and Lepomis macrochirus. The estimated home range for Ericymba buccata, Notropis sp., Notropis venustus, and Hypentelium etowanum was 200 linear feet. Campostoma anomalum occupied a home range of approximately 300 linear feet of stream. Interstation movements of at least one mile were recorded for individuals of four species: Campostoma anomalum, Hypentelium etowanum, Moxostoma erythrurum, and Moxostoma poecilurum. The maximum known distance traveled by a marked specimen is indicated for 17 species. Factors affecting the movements of stream fishes are discussed. The ability to home when experimentally displaced from the home range was demonstrated by individuals of Hypentelium etowanum, Ictalurus punctatus, and Lepomis megalotis. Indirect evidence that olfaction mediates homing in these species is presented. Individuals of Ericymba buccata, Notropis baileyi, and Percina nigrofasciata failed to home when experimentally displaced from their home ranges.

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