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Title: The effect of water circulation and aeration on water quality and production of catfish in a closed system

Name: Cruz, Catalino del Rosario dela

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. R. Allison

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1974

Pages: 139

Keywords: Water circulation,Aeration,Catfish,Closed system,Water quality,Water hyacinth.


A series of experiments was conducted in 1/200-acre ponds in 1972 and 1973 to evaluate the effect of water circulation-aeration and filtration on water quality and catfish production. Circulation-aeration by paddle wheel, and by venturi pump through underwater and overhead gravel filters were tested. The 1972 series was designed to determine the standing crop that each system could support. The paddle wheel and overhead filter systems utilized waste settlement ponds while the underwater filter did not. Water hyacinths were grown in each to remove nutrients. Each system was stocked with 100 lbs/pond in three replications. The paddle wheel system had the greatest survival and maintained adequate water quality. Highest standing crop was attained in the underwater filter system. This system had water quality comparable to the paddle wheel system. The greatest standing crop produced in the overhead filter system was 134 lbs with an average of 64.4 lbs in three replications. Mortality was attributed to D.O. depletion and high CO2.The 1973 series was designed to produce harvestable size of fish from fingerlings over a six-month growing season. Each system was stocked with 200 or 400 fingerlings per replication. The greatest net production of fish in the paddle wheel system was 38.8 lbs in 137 days. The underwater filter produced more fish and maintained the best water quality. Fish production was lowest in the overhead filter system. Extensive and chronic mortalities in the systems were significantly correlated with low D.O., high NH3, NO2, and CO2.

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