Theses and Dissertations

Title: Some biological aspects of channel catfish virus disease

Name: Plumb, John Alfred

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. E.W. Shell

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1972

Pages: 132

Keywords: Biology,Channel Catfish Virus Disease.


Research on channel catfish virus disease (CCVD) was carried out at Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery, Arkansas, and at the Fisheries Research Unit of the Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station between June, 1969, and March, 1972. History, distribution and epizootiology of CCVD are discussed. Assays of internal organs and excretory products from 62 suspected virus carrier broodfish were negative for CCV. Some of these samples were seeded with CCV, stored at -80oC and 4oC, and periodically assayed for virus. Positive CCV neutralization indices were obtained from 67 of 70 serum samples from these fish. CCV failed to develop in fry hatched from eggs of suspected virus carrier broodstock, however, the disease appeared in control fry from a small commercial pond. Two-year-old channel catfish injected with CCV yielded virus in 3 of 7 peritoneal wash samples taken 12 days after injection but fecal samples, gill-swabs, and subsequent peritoneal wash samples were negative. A positive immune response was elicited 30 days after a CCV injection in 2-year-old fish: peak titers were reached 60 days post injection. Recovery of CCV from injected fingerling channel catfish indicates that the kidney, liver and intestine are primary organs attacked. Data on the sequential recovery of virus from various organs are given. The virus is seen in electron micrographs of cells from several organs. Temperature manipulation of water is effective as a tool for reducing mortality from CCV disease particularly if the temperature is lowered to below 19oC.Nine strains of channel catfish were tested and found to have different degrees of susceptibility for CCVD.

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