Theses and Dissertations

Title: Effects of various rates of aeration on water quality and production of white catfish in ponds

Name: Loyacano, Jr Harold Anthony

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. E.W. Shell.

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1970

Pages: 105

Keywords: Aeration,Water Quality,White Catfish,Ponds.


Effects of air volumes of 0.00, 0.69, 3.46, 6.92, and 10.37 m3/ha/min on water quality and growth of white catfish, Ictalurus catus (Linnaeus), were evaluated in 1968: and volumes of 0.00, 6.92, and 10.37 m3/ha/min were further tested in 1969. The 1968 experiment indicated that higher levels of aeration resulted in increased fish production, but that volumes of 6.92 and 10.37 m3 of air/ha/min resulted in identical production. In 1969 there was higher production in ponds receiving 10.37 m3/ha/min than in ponds receiving 6.92 m3/ha/min. Increased volumes of air resulted in proportionate increases in dissolved oxygen in pond water, thus allowing greater weights of food to be offered to fish without depleting oxygen content of the pond water and by partial satisfaction of chemical oxygen demand. There was an inverse relationship between chemical oxygen demand and the volume of air delivered. Although turbidity was greatly increased in ponds receiving 6.92 and 10.37 m3 of air/ha/min, this had no detectable adverse effect on water quality for fish growth. There was no apparent effect of aeration on values of pH, carbon dioxide content or ammonia content.

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