Theses and Dissertations

Title: Studies on the phylogeny, distribution and host-specificity of the monogenean genus Dactylogyrus of the north American cyprinid fish genus Nocomis

Name: Chien, Shih Ming

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. Wilmer A. Rogers

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1971

Pages: 126

Keywords: Cyprinid host,Nocomis,Monogenean parasite,Dactylogyrus.


Monogenean parasites of the genus Dactylogyrus are found commonly on gills of the cyprinid host genus Nocomis and show a high degree of host specificity. A total of 2,166 host fishes were examined and 6,033 dactylogyrids were taken from the hosts' gills for systematic analysis. A total of 27 species of Dactylogyrus, including 23 new species were obtained. The parasites were grouped into 5 species-groups according to their morphology and each species-group was diagnosed. New species were described and the previously described species were listed along with their hosts and localities. Geographical distributions of the parasites were investigated and the distributional maps were provided.Host specimens were collected from distributional areas ranging from the eastern and most of the central United States and parts of southern Canada. Host species are grouped, by the ichthyologists, into 3 species-groups. The phylogeny and speciation of Nocomis is possible according to the host-parasite relationships. The identification of the host fishes is possible by use of their parasites. A key to the species, subspecies and possible populations of the host fishes, was made along with diagrams for speciation. This study supports the current proposed phylogenetic relationships from the ichthyological standpoint, with a little modification, that one host species-group which is presently considered to represent 3 subspecies could be divided into 6 higher taxa according to their parasites.

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