Theses and Dissertations

Title: The Dactylogyrinae (Trematoda: monogenea) of Alabama freshwater fishes

Name: Rogers, Wilmer A.

Degree: PhD

Chair: Dr. Ray Allison

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1967

Pages: 106

Keywords: Dactylogyrinae,Alabama,Freshwater Fishes.


Forty-six species of fish represented by 955 specimens from 71 localities in Alabama were examined for monogenetic trematodes belonging to the subfamily Dactylogyrinae. Thirty new species and 29 previously described species of parasites were found. Included in the new species were 24 species of Dactylogyrus, 5 new species of Pellucidhaptor, and a species belonging to a new genus. Previously described species included 28 species of Dactylogyrus and one species of Pellucidhaptor. The new genus appeared most closely related to Dactylogyrus but differed by the following characters: (1) the anchors lacked a supporting haptoral bar, (2) the deep anchor root was an extension of the anchor shaft, (3) the anchors lacked wings, and (4) the 4A haptoral hooks were larger than in Dactylogyrus. The gut of four of the five new species of Pellucidhaptor was observed to be confluent, and one species was observed to have straight instead of doubly recurved anchor points. All of the Pellucidhaptor species were shown to inhabit the fins and body of the host rather than the gills. The generic diagnosis was emended to include these characters. A ventral bar was observed in all of the new species of Dactylogyrus as were the 4A haptoral hooks. The ventral bar was reduced or absent in many specimens, however, and would not warrant upholding Neodatylogyrus Price, 1938. The generic diagnosis of Dactylogyrus was emended to include 16 haptoral hooks.

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