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Title: Effect of BHC (Lexone 10-gw, gamma isomer of benzene hexachloride) on fish food organisms and fish production in ponds

Name: Thiemmedh, Jinda

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. John S. Dendy

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1955

Pages: 42

Keywords: BHC,Lexone 10-gw,Gamma Isomer,Benzene Hexachloride,Fish Food Organisms.


An experiment to determine the effect of gamma isomer of benzene hexachloride (lexone, 10gw. gamma isomer BHC) on the fish food organisms and fish production in ponds was conducted in six 1/4 acre fertilized excavated ponds at the Agriculture Experiment Station, Auburn, Alabama. Each pond was stocked with 5,000 goldfish of 2" group size weighing 23.5 lb. One application of BHC at the rate of 0.1 ppm concentration was given to 2 ponds with no supplemental feeding, and of 0.2 ppm to two ponds with supplemental feeding of peanut meal. The other two were used as controls. Plankton and bottom samplings were made before and after treatment. The number of important groups of zoo-plankton per unit volume was determined and the number and weight per square foot were determined for each group of the bottom animals. The ponds were drained at the end of 80 days. The average weight of fish per acre had increased from 486.3 pounds in control ponds to 522.7 pounds in ponds treated with 0.1 ppm BHC, and 695.6 pounds in ponds with 0.2 ppm BHC plus supplemental feeding. The results of counting and weighing of fish food organisms 20 days after treatment showed that the average weight of bottom organisms decreased 96.0% in ponds treated with 0.1 ppm BHC and 92.5% in ponds with 0.2 ppm BHC. In the control ponds the organisms increased 100%. Survey counts 20 days after treatment of major zoo-planlton in 0.1 ppm and 0.2 ppm treated ponds showed average decrease in number of individual of 55.9% and 65.8% respectively. In the nontreated ponds, there was an increase of 2%. The repopulation of the fish food organisms were noticed at about one month after treatment.

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