Theses and Dissertations

Title: The competition pattern existing in a community of common aquatic weeds and effects of herbicide treatment on the competition pattern

Name: Breedlove, Benjamin Wilbur , III

Degree: MS

Chair: Chariman: Dr. John M. Lawrence

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1966

Pages: 48

Keywords: Aquatic weeds,Herbicide,Competition.


This investigation was initiated to determine the pattern of competition in a community of twelve common aquatic weeds and to determine the effect of herbicide treatment on the competition pattern. Results indicated that the plant species could be divided into three general groups based on the pattern of growth and whether the volume of the species increased, decreased or remained approximately the same. There were no major differences between competition patterns in control and treated pools. Generally, the species which were eliminated from the control pools were also those species most easily suppressed or eliminated by herbidice treatment.The use of a wide variety of herbicides produced a pattern of volume decrease similar to that produced by winterkill. Generally, in newly established pools, the total plant volume increased until application of the herbicide treatment or until midsummer in the control ponds. Maximum plant volume occurred during the second year in the control pools but was limited to the pre-application period of the first year in the treated pools. The ranking of the species in order of dominance at the end of one year was generally the same ranking that pertained to the order of dominance in two and three year old pools.

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