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Title: Efficiency of three species of male tilapia, Tilapia melanopleura (Dumeril), T. mossambica Peters, and T. nilotica (Linn.), when fed upon ground leaves of kudzu, Pueraria thunbergiana

Name: Tongsanga, Snit

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. Homer S. Swingle

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1963

Pages: 38

Keywords: Male Tilapia,Tilapia melanopleura,Tilapia mossambica,Tilapia nilotica,Feeding,Kudzu


Eighteen 0.00146-acre plastic-lined pools were stocked on July 31, 1962 with three species of male tilapia (Congo, Java and Nile tilapia). Each pool was stocked with 10 fish of a single species. The experiment consisted of two treatments, with and without feeding. Fish were fed with ground leaves of kudzu at 3 percent (dry weight) of the bidy weight of the fish in each pool 6 days a week. The pools were drained on October 14, 75 days after stocking. Statistically, there was no significant difference between species in the percent weight weight gain in the feeding experiment, but there was a significant difference between the fed and unfed treatments. The results of the study of the digestion of ground leaves of kudzu in the alimentary canal of the three tilapia species showed that there was no significant differences among the species.

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