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Title: Preliminary observations on the residual nature of nitrogen in ponds and its significance to fish production

Name: Gooch, Burwell Cooper

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. Homer S. Swingle

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1962

Pages: 125

Keywords: Residual Nitrogen,Ponds,fertilization,water quality


From April to November, 1960, an investigation was made of the residual nature of nitrogen in 12 ponds which had been fertilized with similar quantities of N-P-K fertilizer for 15 years prior to 1959. The evaluation of this particular phenomenon was based on comparisons of carp production and of chemical analyses of water and bottom mud of ponds which continued to receive N-P-K (8-8-2) during 1959 and 1960, of ponds which continued to receive only P-K (0-8-2), and of ponds which received no fertilizer after 1958. Comparisons of treatment means of water chemistry data showed that concentrations of ammonium and nitrate were significantly higher in the 8-8-2 fertilized ponds than in either the 0-8-2 or non-fertilized ponds. Levels of organic nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus in the water of the fertilized ponds were higher than those in the non-fertilized ponds, but no difference existed between the nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous fertilized ponds. Chemical analyses of mud revealed the existence of significantly higher concentrations of organic nitrogen, acid-ammonium flouride-soluble phoshorus, and neutral-ammonium flouride-soluble phosphorus in the 8-8-2 ponds than in the non-fertilized ponds, but showed no difference between the two fertilized treatments. Concentrations of ammonium in the mud were significantly higher in the completely fertilized ponds than in the 0-8-2 ponds, and were higher in the 0-8-2 ponds than in the 0-0-0 ponds. There were no differences between treatment concentrations of dilute-acid-soluble phosphorus in the mud. No bias of treatment results as a consequence of systematic treatment arrangement could be demonstrated.Production of carp in the 8-8-2 and 0-8-2 ponds was significantly greater than that in the 0-0-0 ponds, but did not differ in the two fertilized treatments. The results obtained seemed to show that, within 2 years after a 15-year period of continuous fertilization with similar quantities of N-P-K fertilizers, nitrogen in P-K fertilized ponds could decline to significantly lower levels than those in N-P-K fertilized ponds without a significant influence on fish production. However, by correlating individual pond fish yields with mean seasonal quantities of nutrients it was found that the most significant relationships involved ammonium in the mud and neutral-ammonium flouride-soluble phosphorus in the mud, both singly and in combination. Thus, the correlation method of analysis indicated that comparisons of treatment means of nutrient concentrations in either water or mud cannot be depended upon as a method of evaluating the relationships between these nutrients and fish production.

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