Theses and Dissertations

Title: Effect of partial poisoning of ponds with rotenone on the abundance of bottom organisms

Name: Sharma, Surendra

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. John S. Dendy

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1949

Pages: 95

Keywords: Partial Poisoning,Rotenone,Bottom Organisms.


Because rotenone is an incesticide there is possibility of insect larvae and other bottom organism being killed in the partial poisoning of a pond for correcting the balance of population of fish in the pond. Since bottom organism are important food for fish it is desirable to know the effect of poison on their abundance if partial poisoning is to be used for management. The bottom fof two partially poisoned ponds were sampled before and after the poisoning. Most commonly found organisms were chironomid and Chaoborus larvae and ologochaetes. There were few larvae of ceratopogonidae. This investigation does not show any appreciable difference between the abundance of the organisms before and after poisoning with the exception of Chaoborus larvae, a little used source of food. The reduction of population of Chaoborus larvae was detected in one pond in water only four feet deep. There was no difference in the total population of Chaoborus larvae before and after poisoning in any of the ponds. Increases in the population of Chaoborus larvae and oligochaets were detected in ponds "E-2" and "E-4" respectively after poisoning.Laboratory test were run to determine the effect of rotenone on the above mentioned group of organisms. Chaoborus larvae and Oligochaeta died more quickly than Chaoborus larvae. In the presence of organic debris the mortality was reduced. In this experiment it was demonstrated that at the depth of seven feet Chaoborus larvae did not survive even though not in the poisoned area. Probaly this was due to a lack of oxygen. Chaoborus larvae kept in the shallow poisoned zones were killed. The oligochaetes and chironomids were also affected.

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